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Getting started...
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If you don't know a term we are using please take a look at our 'What is...?' page.

Username and password
The email you got when you signed up contains some important information, e.g. username and password you will need to access your control panel, FTP and so on. Of course you can change it. If you have lost the password please send an email to

Transfering a domain to us?
Visit the registrar or site where you registered your domain (if you are not sure send us an email, we are glad to help you) and change the nameservers to the one mentioned in your Welcome email.

Accessing your web site
It will take 24 to 72 hours until will resolve to the IP-address assigned to your account. Until your domain is actually ponting to our servers you can use the IP-address from your Welcome email to access and setup your web site. For example, if you were given instead of typing you can also type in to reach your web site.

Accessing IP less accounts
Our smaller packages are IP-less accounts. This means the IP is shared with several other domains, as opposed to being dedicated to "one." As stated above it will take 24 to 72 hours until your domain is reachable under To reach your account until then you will have to enter your IP as shown above plus a tilde plus your username you from the Welcome email, .e.g. When your new domain has propagated across the world you will be able to access your site by calling it the standard way,

Uploading the files of your web site
Please refer to our support pages about FTP fur further information.

Accessing your control panel
To access your control panel where cou can manage your account, create email addresses and so on enter or
For more detailled information about the control panel click here.

You can't see your main page, instead you see a directory?
Or some pictures are ot displayed?
Never mind, this happens to many newcomers: you have uploaded all your files and directories and then want to access it with your browser but forgot to create the welcoming page as index.html - and what you will see is your entire file directory structure. It looks just like exploring your local hard disk!
There are two things you have to keep in mind: first, you will need a page named index.html or index.htm in any directory you create (including the root one), because this is what the browser looks for. Second, unlike a common Windows PC, on Unix which is used on most of the web servers the files are case sensitive, so basically picture.JPG is not the same as picture.jpg!

web hosting done right