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Hosting simply means that we provide space on our servers located in a big network operation center (NOC) for your site.

Web server
A computer connected to the Internet 24 hours/7 days containing one or more web sites.

Web space
Simply some space on a web server where you can put your web pages on. 100 MB means all your web pages including text, pictures and emails can not exceed a total size of 100 megabytes.

Network Operation Center. See the description of our data center.

To find any web page on the Internet you usually type in a so called URL (e.g. Generally, every computer on the Internet is uniquely identified by an IP-address so a computer can find any other computer.
But as it would be very annoying if we had to remember all those complicated numbers, domain names are used to find a specific website. When you enter, the computer uses a so called name server to translate this name into an IP-address to find the web server where this site is located..

Sub domains
A way of further dividing a domain name into several spaces, e.g.

The total amount of data allowed to be transferred to and from your web site.

Electronic mail. The exchange of text messages and file attachments between computers.

Post Office Protocol 3. A protocol used so email programs can deliver emails to and from the server.

When someone sends an email to the address, the server automatically replies with a message of your choice. E.g. "We are on holiday". Just like a phone answering machine.

Email forwarding
Used to automatically forward emails sent to a POP3 account to your home email or anywhere else. You can set email forwarding for each email address separately.

File transfer protocol. A protocol used to exchange files between different computers. For instance: you will use a FTP program to transfer the files for your website from your local computer to the web server.

IP address
Internet protocol address. The standard way of identifying a computer that is connected to the Internet, much the way a telephone number identifies a telephone on a telephone network. An IP address is four numbers separated by periods, and each number is less than 256, for example,

Dedicated IP
Your site will always have the same IP address and your IP address will not be shared with other users or web sites.

Name server
Used to translate domain names into IP addresses.

The standard database for web sites. A database is a file containing data organized into records which you can retrieve, sort and manipulate. This is done through SQL (Structured query language), a simple database query and programming language.

HyperText Markup Language. The standard markup language used for documents in the World Wide Web. The HTML language uses tags to indicate how Web browsers should display page elements such as text and graphics, and how Web browsers should respond to user actions such as hyperlink activation by means of a key press or mouse click.

PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. If you are completely new to PHP and want to get some idea of how it works, have a look at

Common Gateway Interface. CGI scripts are a small program written in a script language such as Perl that functions as a glue between HTML pages and other programs on the web server.

Secure sockets layer. A standard for establishing a secure communication channel to prevent the interception of critical information (such as credit card data). Used to enable secure electronic financial transactions.

SSH is a procedure to communicate with the server (on your account) like Telnet, but more secure.

Server Side Includes. When using a UNIX system it is sometimes necessary to enable certain HTML files executable for the purpose of using SSI. Server Side Includes are often used to run a CGI script

web hosting done right