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Resell our Webhosting Packages and
Become Your Own Web Host!

You are a web designer searching for solutions for your clients?
You have multiple web sites?
You want to build your own web hosting company?
Become a reseller!

We offer a large discount to our resellers -
40% off the price of our hosting packages.
You charge your customers what ever you want.

We provide the tools you will need to manage your accounts, including the Reseller
Webhost Manager - a professional solution choosen by many professional web hosts.
Your customers will be able to use our standard control panel.

Your own name servers
If you want you can have your own two name servers for no extra costs. With your own
name servers your name will appear on any WHOIS a client does on his domains.

As a reseller you are responsible for providing support for your resold accounts. We will
do the system administration and will help you if you face any problems. But of course
you will have to learn the basics of the business so you are able to help your customers.
See our support pages for resellers.

You provide billing to your customers. An example: you buy the "Small" package from us
for our standard fee minus 40%, then you resell the package to one of your customers
for whatever you like. Maybe at our standard rate, maybe even more expensive.

How can you become a reseller?
There is only one requirement: you have to signup for one of the "Standard" packages
at full price. Then send us an email at stating you want to be
a reseller. You will be given access to your Webhost Manager control panel (within 48 hours)
and you can then add accounts as you need them. There's no need to pre-purchase bulk
accounts that you may not use.

web hosting done right