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Not only information...
Why do you visit websites? Why do you have a website?
It's pretty easy - information and entertainment!
People want to be educated about what they are buying.

...but also buying online!
A recent Forrester Research report states that online spending grew from US$ 7.8 billion in 1998 to US$ 45 billion in 2000!
That's a 580% increase and a world of business out there waiting for you!

Common misunderstandings
First, forget people claiming you are able to build even a small internet business
without time and money.
is different, but not that much. All the things you already know in real life are still true.
Second, the Internet is a fast world, but it takes time to build a business.
Third, you don't need to be an Internet guru to make money on the Net. Of course,
knowledge is the key, but if you already do business outside the Net you probably know
80% of what you need to know in the Net.
And the remaining is easy to learn and there are ecommerce experts out there to assist you.

So what do you need to take part in the market?

Ecommerce - the tools you need.


web hosting done right