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WHM - Web Host Manager
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Name Servers
If opted to have your own name servers you will have to register them with the
registrar of your domain. Contact them and ask them to create new name servers
with the IP addresses you where given, e.g.
Your registrar will ask for the IPs for your nameservers. Make sure to give them the correct
IPs for your new nameservers, the above are just examples.
The most common error on this step is for someone to just update their domain registration
to use these nameservers. Make sure you are creating the nameservers, not just pointing
the domain to them.
Most Registrars now have online instructions on their website or after
you log into your account, for setting up their domain as nameservers. Look for
"Manage Name Servers".
Once your registrar completes the creation of your nameservers, they will be active in
48-72 hours.
That's it! Your new personal DNS server is setup. These are the DNS settings you'll provide to
customers upon purchasing an account, and or moving their domain name to your server.
Generally, you'll provide the DNS settings with their accompanying IP number, which
you'll send them in their welcoming email

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