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WHM - Webhost manager - your best friend...
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If you don't know a term we are using please take a look at our 'What is...?' page.
If you have more general questions please use our normal support pages.

What is WHM?
WHM is a script running on the server stocked with the many utilities you'll need to resell accounts. Make yourself comfortable with the tool, it will help you on your daily tasks.

To log into WHM (Webhost Manager) open your browser and go to or https://your-ip-number:2087
You will be prompted for user name and password, the same as for your standard
control panel.

Create a New Account
Domain: Enter your domain name in this field. If my domain was ''I would
enter ‘’ in this field. Do not put the ‘www’ prefix, as this will prevent the
account from being created correctly. Also make sure you leave NO spaces between
your domain name and the beginning and end of the field.
Username: This field will be automatically generated by WHM using the first 8 characters of
your domain name. Remember: Usernames and passwords are case sensitive on Linux/Unix!
Password: Enter any combination of alphanumeric characters in this field. This will be the
account password used to access cpanel, ftp, email etc.
FrontPage Extensions: Check this box if you wish to install the FrontPage Extensions on this
account. Be sure that you really plan on using FrontPage if you select this feature.
Package: Select that package, this will automatically fill many of the required fields.

Troubleshooting Tips
FTP Password Syncing: If you just created an account and for some reason you are
unable to login via ftp with the username/password you just assigned to this account,
select the 'Synchronize FTP Passwords'menu option. This updates the ProFTP password
file with the system wide password file. Then try to login again making sure you are
entering the correct username/password
General questions: Please take a look at our general support pages
Before Opening A Ticket: while we are here to assist you in any way we can, resellers are
expected to perform their own investigation before contacting support. When the time comes
that you do need to escalate problems to us, please provide us with the details of support
request including the steps that you have already taken to attempt to fix the problem.
In order for our technical support team to understand and resolve your problem efficiently,
we need as much information as possible.

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