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FTP - how to upload files
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In your FTP program enter your host address or name (e.g., set the host type to "automatic detect" and enter your user / password. Once you have established a connection successfully you can start transfering the files from your local computer to the web server. Don't forget to set the FTP type corresponding to the files you want to transfer: when uploading text or HTML files set it to ASCII, otherwise to BINARY.

Remember, if your domain is new or you transfered it to our server recently, it will take 24 to 72 hours until this changes are propagated throughout the world. Until then you will have to use the IP address.

Your html files and all files you want to make accessible to the World Wide Web must be uploaded to your account. When you first FTP into your account, you'll be taken to your "Home" directory. Don't confuse this with your "web directory." The home directory is "not" accessible to the World Wide Web - it's a private directory where critical system files reside. DO NOT delete files that have been created by the system, otherwise your web site may stop working!
All files which should be visible to the Internet belong in the directory public_html.

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