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  May 7th, 2002
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A small list of things to
look for and help to avoid pitfalls!
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Why your own web site?

Just ask yourself a simple question:
Why are you in the Internet -
right now?!

Regardless if you are a company
which want's to show presence in
the net and start attracting
customers or you are a normal user
who want's to impress friends and
find new one -
become an active part
of the World Wide Web!

Or maybe you are just tired about
a complicated email address
which is likely to change -
wouldn't be nice?
Why hosting?

Putting a web site on the Internet is mainly a matter
of time and money. Sure, you could lease a line to
the Internet backbone, build your own server, buy
expensive bandwith and hire even more expensive administrators.
But - if you are not a very big company with
plenty of money and resources -

why would you want to do that?

To do your website through simplifies
everything. No more headache about technical
issues so you can
concentrate on the main issue:
filling your site with content and attracting customers.

The technology of serving web content is forever
changing, and we keep up with all major
technological advances as soon as possible.

Why hostproof?

There are plenty companies out there offering
web space or domains.

Some are very cheap - but do you really want to
rely on someone shouting "cheap! cheaper!"?
Think of it: you get what you pay for!
Some are even offering "unlimited bandwith",
but take this for granted: there is nothing for free.

We try to offer well sized packages with easy
administration at reasonable prices. We also think
that customers not only need web services but
friendly support.
If you want to see
details about our hosting
please click here....

If you have any questions do not hesitate to
contact us!
And we have assembled a small list of things to look for and to avoid pitfalls...


web hosting done right